12 Tips for children with parents!

12 Tips for children with parents!
1. Do not give us that we ask. Sometimes you try to see how we can distract you.
2. Do not always give us orders. A simple suggestion makes us many times that we need a greater willingness than an order.
3. Do not alter an opinion as to what we want to do.
4. Keep your promises. If we promise something to do. If you promise punishment to punish us.
5. Do not compare us with other children. Every child is different.
6. Let each of us to do for himself that he can. So we can know ourselves. If you do it all for us then that we get a sense of responsibility?
7. Never correct us in front of others. Us correct, but only when we are alone.
8. Do we cry. Do you speak calmly.
9. Do not tell lies ahead. Do not we ever ask you to hide your hypocrisy.
10. When you do something bad to not insist to tell you why we are doing. Sometimes things do not know why we do.
11. When you make mistakes and you can not always confess to justify yourselves. So you will learn us to confess our mistakes and not to hide or justify.
12. Bring us kindly. Because we are your children will not say that we should lack courtesy in behavior among us.