15 Tips for Parents

15 Tips for Parents
1. You supply your children good books and good music. To cultivate in them a love of reading.
2. To help your children learn to distinguish the effects of sin.
3. Make your home a pleasant place to stay.
4. To teach your children to study the Word of God from a very early age. Establish a time of family worship every day.
5. Teach your children to enjoy their work.
6. Help your children learn something that will create a sense of confidence. To supply them with lessons in musical instruments, toys, tools to art, etc.
7. Do not forget to praise. Do you have time to listen. Encourage your children to express their feelings and ask questions.
8. Use of family celebrations (birthdays, etc.) and traditions as an opportunity to make your children feel proud of their family.
9. To teach independence and self-confidence. To help them make decisions.
10. Treat your children friendly. To make them feel happy to be among you.
11. To help them face the right way the frustrations and failures.
12. The marital relationship is such that a model that will emulate the children later. To show that love each other and to manifest your love for one another.
13. Capture fun moments in a family album to remember them.
14. Teach your children that privileges entail responsibilities.
15. Learn to respect themselves and others. Teach that respect is a prerequisite for love and important element of a sound personality.