The Fourth Seal - The pale horse

Then John opened the fourth seal, and heard the fourth animal was like a eagle said to him, Come and see. Then John saw a yellow horse and rider whose name was Death.

Since Hades was following close to a group receiving the dead left behind by the death. And both Death and 'dis, had authority over a quarter of the earth, to bear the death of four ways.

With sword, which means the killing of any conventional weapon, a hunger that comes with war, with death may be caused by diseases and even to microbial and chemical warfare with the beasts of the earth, as airplanes, helicopters and tanks.

The pale horse and rider to symbolize the war has resulted in death squads of the people, so it shows the 'public to follow closely to swallow the dead.
The pale horse continues to gallop and visited various countries and listen to the triumphalism of his opponents, who announce the number of victims with great joy and happiness and the 'dis subsequent to swallow them killed, in groups.

During the seven years the antichrist will reveal the pale horse with all its savagery and its rider, death, the greatest activity. The Antichrist will be like a banner of peace, but peace will not be able to fly ever. As though they where peace and security, it occurs on these sudden devastation. A Thessalonians e: 3

Keep this (last paragraph). Who goes in our minds; Who calls <death> seated in the pale horse; WHO massacre WORLD IN THE NAME OF PEACE;