The Word of God

The Word of God:

The Second to Timothy 3/g/16-17 is an excerpt of fundamental importance for the understanding of identity and usefulness of the Bible. So says there:

Timothy B 3/g/16-17
"All Scripture is inspired and useful for teaching, for verification, to epanorthosin, ekpaidefsin to the post of justice to be burnt by the perfect man of God, itoimasmenos Project in everything good."

In this passage I have put special emphasis on the word "is" used there and which, as you all know, is generally used for identification, characterization and description of someone. So, according to the above passage, the Bible or Scripture is inspired [1]. This means that a writer of the Bible is God who inspired it, produced it, and therefore the Bible is the Word of God, which is what God has to say. Beyond this, the above paragraph tells us that the Bible is useful, listing four reasons that make beneficial. More specifically, says that the Bible is useful for teaching, testing, repair and training post of justice. Therefore, as the title of this article is: "The Word of God, we have some things that the Word is. The first of these concerns the identity of the holy inspired Word in the Bible, and the second the usefulness of the Word for teaching, testing, repairing and general education to the development of the man of God.

However, these are not the only things that the Word of God. Below we will consider some additional things that he is, and that will help us better appreciate the value and usefulness.

1. The Word of God: that God has more Magnificat

I think there would be no better way to begin this study, rather than listening to the opinion that God Himself is the Word. To see this opinion will go to Psalms 132/rli/2. There we read:

Singing 138/rli/2
"Emegalynas because the word for everything you named yourself"(Vamvas - LXCH)

According to this passage, God has Magnificat His Word even above His own name. Bearing in mind that there is nothing greater than God, whose name is, we can easily understand that what God wants us to say here is that it Magnificat His Word more than anything else. If we want a proper valuation of the Word of God, here is the estimation that God himself is doing: for in Him there is nothing more precious than His Word.

2. The Word of God: food to live

Having seen the very place that God has given in His Word, let's go to Matthew 4/d/4 to see something else that this ratio is. There, we find Jesus saying:

Matthew 4/d/4
"It is written," With bread just does not want to live man ... "

Many people think that generally the bread and natural food is the only thing needed to live. While it is true that natural food is necessary to survive and to satisfy his physical hunger, however, according to Jesus Christ, there is something more needed to be our lives something more than mere survival. What is this you? The answer is the same verse:

Matthew 4/a/4
"It is written," WITH NO bread alone shall live HUMANS, BUT by every word that OUTBOUND FROM MOUTH OF GOD. "

According to this passage, to make one's life in a truly abundant life, not just a survival, what is needed is "always outgoing word by mouth of God." In other words, having the Word of God. Like Peter says 2/v/2 features:

Peter 2/v/2
"Epipothisate as newborn infants The logical plain milk [ie the guileless milk of speech (" the rational animal ") of God], through to afxithite through him."